Tell everyone about Lewis and Marnie in Stardew Valley (mod) (2023)


It's time to expose Mayor Lewis' secret relationship to everyone! For too long Lewis has undermined his connection to Marnie by refusing to go public, and Hamish McTackleberry has had enough! Hamish is going to spill the beans to anyone he can find.

The 'Tell Everyone' mod makes it possible for you to unlock the ability to have unique conversations with almost everyone in Stardew Valley, exposing Lewis' secret love affair.


Tell Everyone Mod:


Voices by Turin.
Marnie & Robin voiced by Chib.


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Welcome back to Georgia farm today we're looking at a very special mod.

It's called to tell everyone mod and basically, this mod allows us to spill the beans on Lewis's dirty love affair.

It's about time.

Everybody knew about him and body.

Why is he being so weird and covering it up? Let's check it out so I kicked this whole thing off.

You have to witness this very specific cutscene we could.

If word got out, you could undermine my position of authority in the town.

You understand, don't you you care too much about your job Lewis.

There are other things too.

Like you know, yes, I, understand, I! Guess we'll have to keep us the sacred hamish.

You overheard everything didn't you.

Yes, I heard everything and I'm going to tell everyone you douchebag I, can't believe you would do that you're terrible.

What are we hiding there anyway, never mind why I was hiding there.

I have to go, though, immediately after you seen that cutscene and you said, you're gonna tell everyone you'll get this letter, Hamish I'm, sorry for what you witnessed and I'm shocked at my reaction.

You caught me unawares.

Please I implore, you consider your decision to tell everyone.

I would hate for world work to get out, but my my my are our discretion marry Lord, whatever Lewis you Daisy, no, but I'm gonna tell everyone about what you doing so from here on out.

You will now have the option to tell people once you get this light.

It no particular reason in mind I'm just going to tell demetrius.

First, he hasn't met me on the safe fall, yet just ignore that.

But let's see what he thinks tell Demetrius about my knee and Louis.

Yes, okay from what you're telling me young I could draw no logical conclusion to his argument for secrecy.

Yes, Demetrius, knowing what's going on he's a scientist after all, he noticed he knows.

Louis's baby doesn't make any sense good on you Demetrius.

Is he worried? We might think less of him.

Robin speaks highly of Marnie exactly.

He obviously thinks he's too good for all, like Robin's up a good opportunity to tell her next L Robin, Oh, Marnie and Louis.

Yes, the mayor and Marnie that explains dolls.

Four pairs on me to Marnie's Windell.

It wasn't designed to open match boy.

Are you gonna say Robin? Yes, well, okay, then, okay up next up, is you Alex? Let's tell Alex, what's going on, oh good, for them, I guess hey! Why do you think of my hair I jump in ooh? Damn it Alex I wondered if there was someone, never life, she said so just bringing instead I'm so happy for a bit.

Why is she so secretive, Eva Jody knows? What's going on Jordy I'm, sorry, I'm, standing so close to you old you like standing there, close Odie I want to what a fine opportunity everyone's turning up for their spin class thing, a spill of beans in front of everybody might as well tell Abby.

First though, Marni huh I've seen them sneaking around at night.

I know: Marnie wasn't looking for a methane chicken.

Well, she was looking for one type of bird I.

Think that's innuendo is Nick.

Bird penis I've said too much better.

Tell Pierre as well.

Oh really I'm, guessing she's, enjoying some extra business perks.

Well, I didn't even think of that.

You actually said something.

I agree with for a change: Pierre.

Okay time to spill the beans to everybody in the room, while my knees, poor, oh look and even Louis has turned out this, isn't it.

This is just meant to be.

This is perfect, really well I.

Suppose I've seen them together, but their auras are not in harmony.

Emily gets it.

She can sense it.

We were hippie powers but help some things are better kept private.

Don't you think? No Caroline, no I, don't think some things are better kept private he's.

He is doing money wrong, so Louis just turned up here by coincidence.

It you aren't you all my grocery shopping here, yeah! That's why he had no other reason.

I totally believe you, ah, the old dude still got it good on him.

I guess, although it kind of sucks II won't go public, Oh, sweetie, I! Guess it's never too late to find love.

Is it well I? Guess that's one way to put it penny? Oh really! Well, I! Don't think it's any of my business or yours come to that.

Oh of course, of course, you'd be a debbie downer Clint BAM.

Thank you for bringing your business to the Jojo MA nice to see ya.


Well, I was expecting more from you Pam, but thank you for sharing your two cents.

Now this one's gonna be big Helen Shane about this will be very interesting, so the mains still going on in my mouth, maintaining his precious reputation does he know you're going around spreading the word g-funk bah there's an awful voice.

Why did we give you that boy Shane, don't worry I'm, not gonna, tell on you young, but no.

He deserves better kind of sound.

Like me, if I was like worse, what's it it's good, you know what what's going on anyway, shake it's good that you got your answers back ice.

Tell Gus about this: oh you're, bringing us into the bartender.

What now see you just like you? Are you super mariota's hiding out here in this game or what ah looks like he banished surreal, ER and I see them in their saloon.

Hamish not much gets past his wholesaler you're gonna live in undercover.

It are you, the spirit of rock Robin Williams by any chance.

Willy jeez, look like a dead ringer for him.

Oh you hear the gossip coz I'm sworn to confidentiality.

You know! Well, it really doesn't make any sense of you.

What the hell are you talking about you you are.

You are a dork.

Are you freaking boomers? Always such a letdown speaking of boomers? Listen till linus.

Ah, my junk friend, your news is not new to me for those who walk the outskirts: ey Dover's mish, a great blindnesses on drugs.

Again, look at that glassy eyed, look uh, he's always hiding these days since he got his treehouse, but perhaps your doors at spread rumor into the wind, will be better turned to other tasks.

Oh, you know Oh high and mighty to me grass boy.

Are you growing it right here? Aunt you? Where? Is it he's a various medicinal seasonal here it is I found you stash, I Sebastian.

What do you think about this Cruz? It's probably the best response book so far Sebastian.

Why should any of us care really? What am I doing my life? No, you said both into a Time Lords going to church.

Well, that was a very boring response.

Thanks for nothing you, why does she like seeing him he's so old and that mustache exactly she could do much better I mean like old, isn't really a problem.

I mean like Marlon's, much cooler, Leah penny for your thoughts, Sir Arthur! If your secrets in the town cease martinis, we offer each other the privacy we can, but what the heck was, that your goody two shoes, thanks to you Pierre, has been asking some very awkward questions.

I'd appreciate it.

If you held your tongue in future Hamish.

Well, he seems pretty angry, but all things considered he seems to be handling it very well.

Oh! Well, hey folks! Thanks for watching it's about time, we expose Lewis for his well.

Quite frankly, his mistreatment of his relationship with Monty click that business up on the face, if you haven't, subscribed yet jab him right in the eyes.


What happens if you say you ll tell everyone about Marnie and lewis? ›

If you choose to keep the secret, Lewis will thank you. If you say you'll tell everyone in town, Lewis will cry. Afterwards, Marnie will ask why you were behind the house, and your character will run away, leaving the two alone and confused.

Are Lewis and Marnie dating Stardew? ›

A commonly acknowleged relationship in the Stardew Valley world is between Mayor Lewis and Marnie. There is a shocking amount of evidence for this, compared to other side plots. From heart events to secret notes, rare dialogue to undergarments, the relationship between them is undeniable.

Are the mayor and Marnie dating? ›

Marnie is a kind, ginger haired woman who lives in Marnie's Ranch, in Cindersap Forest. She is dating Mayor Lewis, and this therefore not eligible for romance or marriage. You can, however, raise (or lower!) her friendship, through these gifts.

What is Lewis's secret in Stardew Valley? ›

Mayor Lewis' lucky purple shorts have a number of secrets. Giving Lewis his lucky purple shorts while he's visiting Ginger Island will cause him to wear them as beach attire for 28 days. Putting them in the Luau soup gets a unique response from the Governor and Lewis. 750 star tokens as a bribe to keep his secret.

Can you get mayor lewis shorts without being friends with marnie? ›

Unfortunately, players can't just walk into NPC's private rooms in Stardew Valley until they've become friends. This means players will have to befriend Marnie before they can retrieve Mayor Lewis' shorts.

Is mayor Lewis corrupt stardew valley? ›

Overall, Lewis is a shady mayor who is probably stealing from Pelican Town's funds, and he's also in a questionable relationship with one of the sweetest NPCs in the game. Really, it's no wonder that so many in the community dislike him.

Who did Marnie marry in real life? ›

Halloweentown's Kimberly J. Brown and Daniel Kountz have officially announced on Instagram that the two are set to get hitched. Brown, who played Marnie in the 1998 classic film posted the big news saying, “Have I introduced you guys to my Fiancée? ☺️💍❤️ #isaidyes,” she captioned a selfie of herself with Kountz.

Who is Marnie in love with? ›

Marnie and Anna are very physically intimate throughout the film, often holding hands and comforting each other. Even the film's poster depicts them with hands held back-to-back, a position that, were they members of the opposite gender, would immediately indicate to audiences that they're in love.

Who is Marnie love interest? ›

Luke is Marnie's love interest in the first two movies. In the first movie, he agreed to work for the shadow being in exchange for being made handsome.

Why are Lewis shorts in Marnie's room? ›

This is because the player can find Mayor Lewis' lucky purple shorts while exploring Marnie's Ranch. In particular, players will notice that Stardew Valley's Mayor left his shorts in Marnie's bedroom, hinting at their relationship with each other.

Is When Marnie Was There a love story? ›

It is a love story between two young girls, but it's love is much deeper than the kind of intimacy we're groomed to expect by our hypersexual culture. When Marnie tells Anna she “loves her more than any other girl” she means it, and we later discover why.

Did Anna and Marnie kiss? ›

It's a moment that could've easily been taken and dialed up in animation, but no, isn't at all present in the movie. Marnie kisses Anna as a cheeky way to affirm that she, her, both, are real.

Who is Ken's wife in Stardew Valley? ›

Relationships. Kent is married to Jodi and together they have two sons, Sam and Vincent.

Who is the sweetest husband in Stardew Valley? ›

The Best Husband in Stardew Valley
  • Shane.
  • Sam.
  • Alex.
  • Sebastian.
  • Harvey.
  • Elliott.
Nov 15, 2022

Should I give Lewis his shorts? ›

Give Back the Mayor's Shorts to Complete the Quest

Those feeling a bit of sympathy towards the mayor can choose to simply give him his shorts back. They can do this at any time, earning 750 gold and one friendship point with Mayor Lewis.

What happens if you put Mayor Lewis shorts? ›

Give them back to Mayor Lewis to get 750g as well as 1 friendship heart. Place them on your Grange display during Fall to receive 750 Star Tokens from the Mayor as a bribe to keep his secret.

How do you get Marnie to let you in her room? ›

Problem is, you need to be friends with Marnie before you can enter her room, which means getting up to two hearts' worth of affection. You'll either need to present her with gifts or complete quests to do this, and since quests don't pop up predictably enough gifts are the smart way to go.

Who is the saddest Stardew Valley character? ›

Suffering from severe depression and alcoholism, Shane's story is one of the saddest from Stardew Valley. He spends most of his time at The Stardrop Saloon, drinking his troubles away.

Who is the villain in Stardew Valley? ›

It's undeniable that Joja is the villain of Stardew Valley's genre-defining experience. That much is laid out from the beginning, with the player character starting the game in a miserable job at Joja that they quit in favor of a life on Grandpa's farm.

Who is the depressed guy in Stardew Valley? ›

BirthdaySpring 20
Lives InCindersap Forest
AddressMarnie's Ranch
4 more rows

Are Marnie and Kal dating in real life? ›

Marnie and Kal forever! 21 years after starring in Halloweentown II: Kalabar's Revenge together, Kimberly J. Brown is engaged to her former co-star, Daniel Kountz. In an Instagram post on Thursday, Brown, 37, announced that she said yes.

Did Marnie marry Casey? ›

The mum-of-two filled her Instagram Stories with well wishes from loved ones who celebrated their ceremony at an undisclosed location. Speaking about their big day, Marnie and Casey told OK! : "We've finally tied the knot - we're over the moon!"

Who did Marnie date in Girls? ›

Charlie and Marnie have been together for four years by the Pilot, and he is perfectly happy in the relationship.

What happens after you find Marnie and Lewis in the bush? ›

The bush is located to the west of the bridge to the beach. If interacted with at precisely 12:40am, Lewis and Marnie will jump out from the bush together.

What happens if you give Lucky Purple shorts to Marnie? ›

Marnie, on the other hand, will be a bit more receptive to the player's choice in fashion by giggling. Other than that, there isn't any new dialogue or unique rewards. The shorts can still be used for any of the previously mentioned secrets or can just be handed back to Mayor Lewis for the usual 750 gold reward.

Who does Marnie love in Stardew Valley? ›

Marnie is well-known among Stardew Valley players for her love of animals, secret relationship with Mayor Lewis, and frustratingly common absence from her store's register.

Can you become mayor in Stardew Valley? ›

As Mayor, the office inside the Community Center or an office inside the Joja Mart store becomes yours to use as the Mayors Office. As mayor, you can make changes and decisions that add more improvements to the town.

What to get mayor lewis for his birthday? ›

To increase your relationship with Lewis, these are the best items to give him.
  • Autumn's Bounty.
  • Glazed Yams.
  • Hot Pepper.
  • Vegetable Medley.
  • Prism Shard.
  • Rabbit's foot.
Feb 26, 2016

What happens if you put Lewis shorts in the luau? ›

Adding Mayor Lewis' lucky purple shorts to the soup will result in a unique response from the Governor and Lewis. Friendship with villagers is unaffected in this scenario. If any player in a multiplayer game adds the shorts to the soup, the result will be the secret response, no matter what else is added.

How many hearts do you need with Marnie to enter her room? ›

Problem is, you need to be friends with Marnie before you can enter her room, which means getting up to two hearts' worth of affection. You'll either need to present her with gifts or complete quests to do this, and since quests don't pop up predictably enough gifts are the smart way to go.

Who is Marnie married to Stardew? ›

AddressMarnie's Ranch
FamilyJas (Niece) Shane (Nephew)
Clinic VisitFall 18 Winter 18 (with Jas)
5 more rows

What gifts does Marnie love? ›

The best gifts that Marnie likes in Stardew Valley are the Diamond, Farmer's Lunch, Pink Cake, and Pumpkin Pie.

How long were Marnie and Lewis together? ›

Marnie Simpson reveals she's split with Lewis Bloor after four-month romance.

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