Kids were mean to me about rumors of my brother... One day, he came to school and... [Manga Dub] (2023)


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Attack on Mika, my name is Asuka I'm a third year student at a prestigious private high school nice I'm still first place on the rankings.

My dreams are looking closer than ever.

My dream is to become an astronomer.

To achieve this, I'll have to remain at the top of this school of prestigious families and prodigies.

However, the bastard scored higher than me again, forgiver I think that's enough work for today, time to brush my teeth and head to bed, the light's still on show you're still up shouldn't you sleep soon, yeah my little brother show doesn't go to school, despite being at the age of a first year, high schooler, he frequently missed classes due to his weak body, making it difficult for him to fit in with his classmates.

As a result, he no longer goes to school and instead stays in his room, doing something on his computer.

Were you still working until the Slate didn't you report on the family group chat that you scored first place in your year group time to rest when there's a dream waiting for me.

I see just be careful.

Remember that time, when you collapsed from hyperventilation yep, thanks well good night, then I've been trying my best to achieve my dream each day, I worked until late at night in order to maintain my place at the top of the grade since entering the school.

Everything was for my dream, but one day morning, oh here she comes huh.

Why does it feel like everyone's? Avoiding me hey? Is it true that your brother is always in his room, doing something weird huh, so it was true wait who is spreading rumors like that who the hell cares about where the rumors came from the problem is that a low-life family like yours is even a part of this school who's, a yakoon? What do you mean by a low life? Your brother, being a shut-in, already makes you a low life seriously, not realized.

Being unaware makes you even more of a low life, which is why I took the honor of telling everyone to help you realize huh, so you're, the one who spread that baseless rumor? What's the big deal, it's true after all, then my little brothers in the same year as hers.

So I know he's been skipping school since middle school.

If your brother's in the same year, then he should know the reason why he couldn't come.

The reason you mean the excuse, anywho a low life, like you shouldn't, even be in this yeah, exactly sensei I, just confirmed with the middle school, and it seems like it's true that your brother is a shot in.

You almost got me there.

I can't trust a student with a problematic family member, so I'll have to cancel that recommendation.

No, no I need a recommendation.

If I want to enter the university and achieve my dream, you have to reconsider.

Why should I care just give up, then your brother's? The reason why it's canceled in the first place, so if you want to complain, go complain to him.

I continued begging to kuzanoki Sensei, but he wouldn't hear any of it.

Things only became worse from that day onwards.

Classmates ignored me, and there was often paper littered with insults stuck to my back here.

She comes who on Earth did something like this.

There was scrap paper and the torn pieces of my certificate awarded at an essay competition, scattered atop, my desk.

How dare she suspect us like that? You've heard the rumors right her brother's, apparently a shut-in freak.

All low-life families are full of freaks.

Huh, hey, keep it down.

You never know what she might do to herself.

If she hears us be careful everyone there's no way.

Someone with a shut-in brother would be a rational person.

Yes, sir, but I haven't done anything wrong and it's not like she'll stop going to school because he wanted to.

Why do they have to treat us like this? Why why breathe huh? What that? Don't! Surprise us like that! Are you that desperate for attention what a Freak? No no no breathe? You aren't getting any sympathy from anyone better realize that no one in this school wants you here, like Isaiah, said no one offered me any help once I finally began to stabilize I slowly, stumbled out of the classroom can't stand that score, but I can't give up on my dream.

Oh sorry, I wasn't paying attention.

No! My apologies, who is he huh, show your doors open, yeah I had a guest.

Until now that person was his guest I wonder what show is actually doing.

Could he really be anyways? Aren't you back earlier than usual? Did something happen at school nope? Nothing if lies are so easy to tell I know you haven't been yourself lately, actually I wonder what he'd think if he knew his sister was being bullied because of him.

I had already told him everything by the time that thought crossed my mind.

Hmm I see next day Asuka it's time to wake up sis it's the morning.

Isn't it time to head to school? Oh I, don't want to go today.

Is it because you'll be harassed again? Hmm But I took care of those guys, so don't worry about it.

Huh you'll know once you get to school, hey.

What's he talking about I ended up coming in the end, but entering the classroom is hey.

What the hell do you mean huh? What's with all the commotion, let's go in hey lowlight.

What the hell did you do to those guys, those guys, those guys who are always with me.

They were all suspended because you told the school that they were harassing you or whatever.

What are you talking about quit? Screwing around I heard the scores, even email, with photographic evidence, who else other than you would yeah I'm the one who did it huh.

My sister was acting weird lately, so I asked my acquaintance: who's a detective to look into it.

So your obstacles, brother, aren't you a shot in low life.

Why would a loser like you have a detective as a friend I guess.

It was true that you're a freak nope, it's true I, helped him out on a Case last time, so he gladly accepted the request, though I do give a hand to the police to raise money from time to time.

So using the evidence we gathered, we reported the harassment your group did to my sister.

Along with the times you cheated on exams.

I saved reporting you for last, because I wanted to have a chat in person.

I I, I I haven't done anything wrong.

Profane riding on the desk and trash inside it do you really think you can get away when there's this much evidence, no I, I I haven't done anything.

Why would I harass someone like her anyways I have evidence for that as well.

Language, 37 social studies, 20 percent huh.

Those numbers are science was a stop.

Where did you find those numbers? Yeah I told you.

I have connections with the police, didn't I, I've researched everything about you, including the results on your last mock exam, was uziah that stupid.

How could he act so high and mighty with those scores? I looked into your scores from the past six months, but you really are on a downward spiral.

You got jealous of my sister's scores and began harassing her right.

Try studying for a change if you're that bored shut up.

That's the last thing.

I want to hear from a low life like you did you just call me a lowlife huh.

That's results for the mock exam for tea University.

As you can see, I scored Ace in every category.

You scored a d on the same exam.

Didn't you, if I'm a low life? What does that make you wait, there's no way I lost.

It was my life like you, it's all true, at this rate, I'm getting into T University before you.

Do you better be ready for? What's coming, if I become your senpai? Well, then, now it's your turn.

I I tried to stop everyone, I'm innocent, don't assume you can get away with it just because you're, a teacher I'll, never forgive any of you for trying to tarnish my sister's dream, so admit your crimes and beg my sister for forgiveness.

After that news about the harassment my classmates in kuzanoki Sensei did to me was spread throughout the whole school.

Many had their recommendations canceled and were allocated to a low-ranked university kuzanoki Sensei was also punished for ignoring the harassment by getting fired and never being allowed to return.

As a teacher, a few months later, I waited with show for the train to Tokyo after being accepted into the university I wanted to enter.

Hey show thanks for saving me back then.

If you weren't there I probably, would have given up on University.

But why did you go so far to help me? Hmm I, wanted to see you achieve your dream, my dream, you were always trying your best weren't you, so it would have been a shame if you had to give up on your dream because of those idiots show is always looking out for me, even when everyone in the class had become my enemy.

I always looked up to you because you always remained positive and moved forward, no matter what stood in your way, compared to that, I ended up dropping out because things didn't work out in Middle School.

Are you working hard I also found my own dream right now, I'm working towards achieving that dream.

I see good luck to both of us.

Then, oh guess, that's my train.

Yep, hey I'll, always be rooting for you.

Yeah thanks see ya.

I almost gave up on my dream because of uzaya.

My classmates and kuzanoki Sensei, but I believe show saved me because of how hard working I was I'll continue to do my best for those who support me like he does.

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