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Episode 1 Description:

After welcoming some of the girls into the Baddie House, Natalie Nunn finally comes face-to-face with her former bestie turned nemesis, Tanisha Thomas.

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I'M natalie nunn, you already know i'm a boss, [ __ ] own businesses, a mom and a wife and i'm the baddest [ __ ].

That's ever graced your tv.

I need you to play all the [ __ ] bad [, __, ], [, __, ].


Remember me from bgc4 the only season that you guys even talk about still to this day and i'm the baddest [ __ ], you say it every day to me.

I get it on the gram on twitter and truly honestly, like there's no [ __ ].

That can compare to me.

I live out loud.

I do what i want.

I say what i want and that's what a bad girl is period.

I'M a west coast girl till i die, but we're on our way to atlanta, and you know i'm about to run that city too.

I'M sarah oliver, i'm from riverdale georgia and i was on bgc, 11, 13 and all-star battle two.

I think the fans most love about me is that i have heart.

I don't care how big the person is like.

I will never back down to even a whole house full of people.

You got botox and your lip injections on facetime.

You got your lipo in 2014., what up y'all? My name is judy, and i already know that y'all know that i got the voodoo for these [ __ ] i've been on season.

Seven new orleans love game season.

Three, the winner all-star battle, hosted by ray j season.

13 e couple score.

I mean y'all, already know what's good.

What i love to do is actually write music, i'm super poetic.

I love to travel.

I've traveled the world traveled the seven seas, literally everybody's, looking for something hey guys, i'm seven and i'm from fort washington maryland and i was on bgc season 17.

I am very eccentric.

I am more things than one.

I don't even know how to explain myself.

Half the time what the [ __ ] in the joe's apartment is this house? Okay, i'm smart, i'm cute, i like being a mom.

I just enjoy going with the flow.

What's up guys, it's christina jersey from bgc9, the crazy girl and i'm back it's so brand new? Yes, i know i was wildin.

I've changed my ways just a little bit what's up [ __ ], but you still can't try me, though i love my fans, but i really hate that the fans love that i fight that bothers me.

So i'm the fighter of the house hi.

My name is janelle shanks, i'm 30 years old and i'm from houston, texas, and the most important thing about me is i'm that [ __ ].

I like to turn up.

I like to have fun i like to drink.

I like to dance i like to smoke.

Hookah, like i'm a hookah hoe, i like to spend money, go shopping and not have sex.

I am sydney star.

I am one of the most popular african-american transgender females in the entertainment business.

I've been on a lot of tv shows.

I've been out here and a lot of people may not know that i was actually a replacement for season nine of bad girls club.

I wan na stuck a [ __ ].

I just look at it like this.

Everybody has their time and right now.

It's my time to shine all right, so i don't really need an introduction.

I mean you guys already know who i am i'm giving it hello.

It's the queen bee of the baddies, miss tanisha, thomas herself, hello, honey.

I am slayed if i do say so myself.

I did season two of the bad girls club.

I was the breakout star okay, so it's actually been over a decade since i've done reality.

Tv now i had to make my return.

I was hesitant.

Y'All saw the beef online.

Y'All love don't hurt.

All y'all do is hurt me in an attempt to get away from the regular mommy duties and cover it and keep lord i'm tired of lockdown i'm here.

It's like we're reliving 10 years ago for me and the baddies are here in atlanta.

This is crazy.

It's been years since i've seen some of these baddies and honestly, i'm excited to see what they looking like, how they dress in.

What's the tea, this is going to be fun all about the dough get the bag, average average five get what is fenty i'm.

Finally, here so today is the first day in the house and honestly, i'm super excited, but i know sarah lives here, so i'm gon na get sarah on the phone, so she could pull up first because she's right down the road, i'm at the house - and i Got everything set up and i know you and judy are in atlanta, so i need you guys to come over natalie and i have known each other for a very long time now we kind of had a falling out years ago in 2015.

She kind of left me in a different country.

No everyone's coming today, like it's gon na, be amazing, like all the girls, but i don't know about tanisha like we're doing our photo shoot tonight.

So i haven't spoken to her.

You know that there's so much drama with that, but hopefully she comes, i don't know, but everyone else is coming everyone's here.

Janelle like is in a snowstorm.

Hopefully we can get her here.

I don't know like what's happening with that, but everyone else is coming.

I'M just like what does this have to do with me? Okay, i got ta grab all my stuff, but let me finish getting ready and i will be on the way.

Yay i'll see you soon all right, love.

You bye, bye.

We here baby everybody's coming to atlanta, and this is my city - i know everybody, so it's about to be turned up when me and sarah pull up to the house.

The first thing i think, is wow.

This is beautiful, but wait a minute.

There was moons and stars on the gate house on hunted hill like hold up.

Is it beautiful or is it haunted? Judy loki is crazy.

I don't need you doing no weirdo stuff.

I brought my broom for good luck, just as in a wedding when you hop over stuff for bad luck, i will hop over [ __ ] yay.

I already know you brought a hell of i'm so happy you guys.

I'M gon na show you y'all room.

It's about to be [, __, ] late.

You know i had to do it big, it's a nice house, it's so bomb.

Everyone has their own rooms by judy.

Who am i sharing with you gon na get we gon na get to that hold on, though we got i'm an only child.

I should have my own room.

I don't understand at all.

We got a pool, [ __, ].

Okay, we got a fitness center.

Sarah, i know you love that so i'm gon na show you guys your rooms it's about to be sick.

I can't even think of anyone.

That's as high, as indeed everybody gets, a leaning when that product hits the street and you ain't even sliding less than six.

Is on your feet, this is your room baby.

This is your room.

Oh my god, i got the biggest room in the house.

It has all these windows, i'm excited because i have my own bathroom.

I already told her.

I was like i don't share space like i need my own bathroom.

We shoot in an hour, so you get unpacked.

You get ready.

I'M gon na show you your room.

Okay, let's go.

Let's get back judy, i'm gon na go, get buddy natalie, calling me and inviting me to the house.

First of all, it's weird because me and natalie has been very on and off for years judy.

This is your room and sydney's room you're, trying it i'm not trying to try pick your bag, quick, what you doing, sis you get to get dressed in your own big boss, queen room, and here i am sharing a room with vienna.

Sausage really upset about it, but this is the room.

This bed, because cindy has a big mouth, so she needs a big bed.

Oh [, __, ], okay, okay, that's what we're doing y'all got that kind of beads.

Why? Why do? Why? Am i the one sharing a room with you, i'm gon na tell you what i thought.

Y'All was friends, so you're gon na have to update me on y'all.

Cindy only wants to be my friend if she's gon na benefit from it, but we got ta initiate her anyways.

You know on the bad girls, everybody always had to share a room, so she's kind of new in this [ __ ].

She got to share a room, i'm low-key pissed off, but i'm about to play it cool sitting, back cooling, hit the streets cocked on pat hewitt, everyday booming, so city and i arrived to the mansion.

Um she's super excited because she's always wanted to be a bad girl.

Basically, this was letting me know never give up on my dreams, because i finally made my dream come true as being a baddie of atlanta.

Okay, so listen! Thank you.

This is judy.

Are here.

I'M gon na show you guys your rooms, but before that you guys we got ta just hurry.

We have an hour, we have a photo shoot.

Wait, wait! Wait! I just need to someone to pinch me.

Is it real? It's real we're here.

Let's go.

Let's get up, i'm gon na show you guys your all right, natalie nunn, i i wan na, say she's a friend which i don't think she really is.

My friend i am the newbie another thing: huh you're sharing a room, i'm like [, __ ].

It i'll deal with it i'll.

Let you talk all right.

Let's go now, i'm not lying come on come on christina.

I got you a nice room, though i'm in the daddy's house like what's up? Oh my gosh, did you pick this out for me girl? This is, i picked everyone's rooms out based on them two seconds.

One thing about christina is she could be a little crazy and she doesn't handle business properly like she's.

Just never ever on time.

Like ever all right get ready, look great, we got glitter, we got hair right, look fabulous and i thought that was pretty nice of her.

To give me my own room.

This is us, i'm so excited cool.

All right.

You get settled in sis, but i'm kind of skeptical, because natalie nunn is known for a lot of shady [ __ ].

This [ __ ] gone, show me a room that said sydney and judy, i'm like huh.

I know you [ __ ] lie so come on.

I love the room.

I'M not gon na lie it's so me.

It's bubbly like me, my wild, crazy ass, but i'm sharing it with a crazy person.


I have a very, very, very, very crazy relationship with judy y'all.

Don't give me no problems in this room.

Don't get no problems, don't do it? Okay, don't do it let's go! Thank you! Natalie! I'M ready to get [ __ ] up, i'm ready to get the liquor in the kitchen and just wow ow natalie.

I am the first transgender daddy [ __ ].

I made it [ __ ] amazing.

Yes, all right, y'all, all right baby! To be honest, i don't really know why sydney is here.

She's been a super fan of bad girl slug.

We all know her plethora of lying on world star hip-hop, literally just google it before doing the show natalie and i we would conversate through instagram in the past.

When i initially did my season, we were communicating via text and over the phone just talking about mom stuff, so yeah natalie and i we were associates and i think the mom thing really helped us.

You know click on a deeper level.

So all the girls are here: okay, girls, sydney, judy; sarah, you, okay janelle's, on the way, though it's just it's a whole sn like a tornado, snowstorm taking over her whole place, but she's coming.

Okay is tanisha here, tanisha's, not here.

She let me know that tanisha was not there and was not going to be staying there and that she hadn't talked to her.

So i'm like damn, i got ta call be the one to call tanisha and get her here, because i know their situation but uh.

We got a photo shoot in about an hour, so we're gon na try to get her there we're gon na, maybe i'll i'll, try to call her.

You want me to try to call him yeah.

I think you should tap in with her, but in the meantime i want you to get settled then come see your room come here.

Did you make sure i had a girl? You got a room girl.

I actually did not want to join this project.

I was so nervous.

I didn't.

I just wanted to leave the bad girls behind me.

So when natalie came to me with the opportunity she kept talking about this big beautiful mansion, we were going to be living in and how we were going to get to the back.

We were going to promote our businesses seven.

This is your room.

Look at how pretty i was so nervous.

I did okay, i'm so excited i'm trying you're writing the wrong situation.

No, i'm trying girl, so i'm gon na go over to sunisha's place and i'll probably just go to the photo shoot with tanisha.

Okay, so you go over there if you can get her to come to the photo shoot cool, that's what we got to do to get her there.

But yes, at the end of the day, i decided to sign up to do the show they made me offer.

I couldn't refuse i'll be a fool to refuse that okay, i'm a businesswoman.

Yes, yes, i didn't know, listen, i got ta tell you so i know everybody's super surprised.

Let me get my mask.

I'M sorry go ahead.

Everybody's super surprised that i'm here i'm surprised and you didn't even tell me - and no i just listened.

I got called super last minute and that's why i glad you're here yes, so i called tanisha and tanisha is like girl.

Pull up to my house and i didn't hesitate because the haunted house on the hill was freaking me out.

I needed to get away.

How do you, speaking of natalie, how do you think that that's about to go? I have no idea.

One of the stipulations i had was not moving into the mansion with the girls i haven't spoken to her.

I haven't seen her.

You know i had a big blow up online uh yeah um.

There was a lot of things said, obviously, on my end and hers, natalie, and i have obviously the most history here, it'll be very interesting to see what happens when we finally connect at the end of the day we have history.

So it's all.

It's all gon na, be it all depends on her.

I got her natalie's relationship status at that moment.

She let me know that they were still very rocky.

So are you ready for the photo shoot? I am ready to kill it.

I don't know what to expect.

I have no idea what i'm walking into, and this is the first time you ever see everybody.

This is the first time ever.

I have you, and i know you you know you just came in from hawaii from over there.

I don't even know if you're gon na make it cause janelle got stuck.

It was a whole mess getting everybody here, but you're here you look great.

Let's go you ready to get out here.

I'M ready all right.

Let's go we're gon na head to the photo shoot see what's up the photo shoot is lit.

We got a whole studio, all for the baddies, hair glam stylist.

What a whole bar chefs all the girls are looking good we're taking pictures getting ready getting the makeup.

You know having all types of fun we got ta do this photo shoot and we need to stop playing, though cause like this, but for some reason i just said you know what sydney it's time to let this [ __ ] out got ta.

Do the photo shoot everybody needs to come slaying touching up whatever right now like put the drinks down, you want to know [ __ ], why? I don't [ __ ] like you right now: [ __ ], because you [ __ ] did some dirty ass, [ __ ] to me years ago, and you know what the [ __ ] you did.

You called up to bad girls, club production and told them not to put me on the show [ __ ].

When i was out in l.a you [ __ ].

You think i didn't know that yesterday, i'm a real [, __ ].

Why are you acting like this as soon as the cameras are rolling, goofy turn up, but wait together? You were supposed to be my friend judy.

Why is sydney here she's, not a bad girl? I just got here so i don't know what's happening, no, what we got judy, what i thought the [ __ ] was my friend.

So at this point the photo shoot is complete chaos.

If anything, you should have backed me up when i was telling my story, because you knew i was out there [ __ ], i'm the one that helped you get on.

No, you didn't help me [ __ ].

I was getting back, though, before you girl, at that sydney wants me to hate judy because of what judy did to sydney and ruined her opportunity, but that's none of my business.

I just called me and told me: i was casting an associate at vitamin murray, stupid, [, __, ], okay, listen to the story; no, no! No! Okay, no judy judy the [, __ ] called in to tell them to not put me on the show.

Are you hating on me that bad keep feeling? No don't say that i don't care even [, __ ], gucci, no and you [ __ ] tried to get me [ __ ] kicked off, but what you dancer you want to know what you're dancing.

It almost seems, like sydney is just dying for attention.

I get it.

She wanted to be part of our show for so long, but, like nobody really cares about you, you only made me a replacement yeah.

At the end of the day, sydney knows what it is and so do i know i hurry up and get dressed because i i want to get in and out.

Okay, i'm not going to touch this whoa.

I just wanted to make sure you didn't drop.

My truth, that would have been a problem.

I would just let you know [ __ ].

You hurt my feelings, i thought she was my friend and i loved you, i loved you.

We hung out every day in chicago i [ __ ] loved you.

You were my friend, i was getting [ __ ] up with you, every [ __ ] day throwing up and [ __ ] in my car, getting those dumbass home and i have to [ __ ] drive while i'm drunk and you [ __ ], caught up On me like this, we could have made it together.

I've always been a real [, __ ], so for her to come and try to paint this thing like.

Oh i'm transphobic, i didn't want her in the bad girl club.

It's very disrespectful, she's trying to deteriorate.

My career, like she deteriorated chingies, but there's only one girl, that's going to deteriorate and that's you you wanted to see me fail.

Make it together tried to play me home on national tv, though now i'll, never forgive you [ __ ].

I got the voodoo for you hoe.

I kept my composure because i wanted to take some good pictures but judy this ain't over, so i walked downstairs and i heard judy and sydney going at it.

I didn't know what was gon na happen, but i showed up dressed for a funeral just in case i had to bury a [ __ ] period: okay, okay, so here comes this [ __ ] walking down the stairs from a whole nother area like girl.

Why are you trying to separate yourself from all of us? Like, i don't understand what the problem is.

Natalie's out there, the unfollow on instagram tanisha, we're gon na do a far await you tanisha, you came looking like somebody's mama died.

You don't [ __ ] suck.

I know i know where's my bottom just in case it's got ta, be i'm not gon na touch.

You put the bottle down there.

I was by myself.

Natalie had a whole entourage, we stayed here so it seems like tanisha and i are cool we're gon na.

Be able to work, get this photo shoot popping and look good, don't play with me.

Sis play with your kids.

Don't play with me.

Go play with your kids over here.

Is child sydney looked like they didn't dropped her from hell.

Natalie looked like she is diamond from the players club christina got on a cowboy leather, uh jacket and judy can't get the [ __ ] up off the floor, not only really okay.

This is too much now you're wasting our time.

I don't need to be lost.

Every single time sarah's complaining because she always goes last, even though i offered her to go before me, but you could have went.

I told you you just were so concerned about my judy, actually gone and sydney hasn't.

They all wait.

I'M left city sydney hasn't gone.

Yes, she's gone, i told her to go, but she was like his black history month, i'm going out, which has nothing to do with it.

Oh god, all right um can i have a phone, i'm still trying to take my photos and they want to facetime janelle who's in a snowstorm.

Okay, all right.

Let's talk to him yo, it's janelle! What music hold on you're talking, really quick because hold on janelle hold on real quick.

Sarah starts bitching and moaning and complaining no play the music okay she'll be here at 7: 00 a.m.

We're gon na arrange the shoot.

Okay, we'll see you at 9 a.m.


Sarah bent over - and i thought she didn't - have no panties on - turns out.

It was mauve moth who would have thought it's.

A hot rotisserie mess.

Okay, we got to okay, all right relax.

So not only am i going last for my solo photos, but now it's cast photo time and the photographer put us in order and i'm like.

Why would i be on the end, clearly sarah's not supposed to be on the end [ __ ] watch, so the photo shoot is over we're rapping, oh sis.

What are we doing? Well, we we got through today.

You know we still got beef and then tanisha want to step up to me like she got something to say: girl, you've been holding out all night, don't start with me now i ain't gon na hold you.

They don't believe we got people we got.

We know we got beef, nobody believe it.

Everyone in her life kisses her ass dances around everything and here the [ __ ] i come and i'm like.

No, they don't go like this.

I know they would think that you could.

You know scare me, you know that [ __ ], don't call me that, but that's your name, i'm not gon na.

Do that all right, fine, all right! Fine! All right! Fine! Look! Tomorrow, we got ta talk, let's have a conversation.

This was like absolutely insane today on god and listen this whole [ __ ] was wild, but we had.

We were perfect.

We were professionals, we professionals absolutely and if it ain't you and me bringing this [ __ ] together it ain't gon na be real.

Me and tanisha had two completely different ideas on how we wanted to move forward as hbics and bring the baddies back together.

Mine and tanisha's drama all started from this project.

I understand all that, but i am going to hold you next yeah blind go hold you i'm not going to hold you.

I ain't going to be fake with you fam.

You said a lot of you said a lot of [ __ ] to me my [ __ ].

You said a lot of people.

We both said a lot of [ __ ].

You said you said you know.

You said some [ __ ] about everybody.

You ain't got all the [ __ ] [ __ ].

I don't [ __ ].

With on your life.

You got my [ __ ] on that [ __ ].

You got my daughter on my [ __ ].

You got everybody, but we'll talk about that tomorrow.

But we got ta squash, this [ __ ], because if we don't move forward, these [ __ ] ain't gon na move forward with us.

This is the problem i have with you family.

Why it's like a different energy? Sometimes no, i feel some type of because they were acting crazy.

I i appreciate it.

You don't know that though, but now i'm not gon na do it, then they all gon na quit.

I understand that and i want there to be some type of order, but you [ __ ] me off you [ __ ] me you're, my [ __ ] sister you're alive sister.

You said some [ __ ] about me and my whole [ __ ] family you're, holding it's late.

I don't have time for this.

I never had beef with natalie.

My issue is natalie's issue with me.

Is i'm too real? No because i'm trying to [ __ ] make some money i'm trying to make money [ __ ] money.

That's why i'm here me too.

Here goes: tanisha blah blah blah blah blah yapping all in my face, and it's like girl tomorrow, no tomorrow tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow bye, i'm not trying to hear that right now we just had a great photo shoot, and here you come trying to shut it down, walking Away starting a whole bunch of unlimited drama, i'm not doing it.

I need all my coats and jackets like out of here.

Victor please, like i got ta go like this is ridiculous.

Like this girl has came from everything like please get all my things, i'm like i'm serious right now, i'm really trying to be like nice.

That's good, natalie, stop calling uh, i'm really not i'm not i'm not doing it.

No, i'm i'm leaving! I'M i'm done today.

Guys, honestly, i'm like letting all the girls know how i'm feeling right now when we were up there doing something.

She said something funny to me.

Like don't start with me, sarah and i'm like because she she thinks everybody is on team natalie, no one's on team, natalie yeah everybody like.

Why are you doing that if we can't, if me and tanisha, can't get along? I like tanisha at this point i know i started a whole lot of [ __ ] me and judy's drama triggered to natalie and tanisha.

You guys are new kind of i'm 11 years old.

I think we should just end it.

I know you want to be on the business.

It's not just the business [ __ ], it's my [ __ ] friend, the whole [ __ ] is weird like yeah.

We're screaming at each other on live like tanisha's, like natalie [, __, ], i'mma, [, __ ], you up yeah.

She went on the internet and said i was a [ __ ] bad mom, because you're outside making money.

She she talked about my daughter.

She talked about my husband, she [ __ ] and my husband and her have been team tanisha for years.

Natalie wait time out.

I also i also hold on time and then they see each other on the photo shoot and now was like hey girl.

You've been my friend, frankie is girl, so i i don't get [ __ ] like that she went in and said: oh natalie is probably lying about kobe mind.

You boxes were coming to.

My house.

Boxes were coming into my house because she knew i was sick because i was sending her the real [ __ ] videos, the videos that the whole world never [.

__ ] saw.

Oh i'm, i'm i'm faking it.

I got ta fake it for [ __ ] publicity, [, __ ].

I am publicity.

What are you talking about? Every time you touch down in there like? Oh, we got ta get seen with tmz.

Let's go out to dinner, let's hold him huh.

I got ta.

Think that i'm sick with colgan right - i don't know whether or not i'm angry mad sad, but i'm really upset natalie.

I'M done no, i'm done if she doesn't get her life together on god.

It's not even her [ __ ] ass because of the disrespect.

The unlimited [ __ ] don't do that and i will wreck natalie, don't [ __ ].

Do it don't do that on god on everything, so we cannot sit down and have a heart-to-heart, and if she gets no i'ma tell you something and she and i'mma beat her ass.

No i'ma beat her ass and if she cannot get it together, i will come across the [ __ ] table and beat that [ __ ] out brooklyn versus the [ __ ] west coast, the whole bay area period.

I'M done it's over it's over.

So it's bright and early natalie comes to my room and wants to vent to me about the photo shoot every day it was, i don't know it was it was.

It was weird just the whole, i don't know.

The whole tenacious thing is like back and forth, and it's like i'm just waiting on somebody to like you know what i mean ask somebody inside the head.

That's weird! It's like untrustworthy.

It's like unsettling.

I guess yeah like like we're standing there.

We go to get in the pitch and she's like don't touch me right and we're laughing and don't touch me.

I never like to show my emotions.

I do not wear my heart on my sleeve, but tanisha literally just got the best of me.

What are we doing? It's like so like up and down? No, she yelled at me when i was like going to the car to do something like yeah, i'm like like what is even she's.

Like i'm sorry i'll talk to you later, i'm like what it's just like bipolar.

I don't know it's weird.

I don't know whether it's i don't know if she's like being genuine mad or she's upset or if she's like nice, like it's confusing, i don't know the photos.

The photo shoot was confusing yeah the whole thing and, what's crazy, is like before all this.

She was calling me about advice of the whole thing because remember the whole rampage online, so it makes no sense like.

Are you like cool with me? Are you trying to be my friend like judy and the sydney thing like they were friends they used to hang out and go everywhere together in chicago and then they're literally fighting at the photo shoot like we couldn't even get sydney to get on the set like We couldn't even get her on the set.

No, it's! What are we doing? I mean we did this little thing like if anybody would be acting a [, __, ] diva in this [ __ ].

It would be me, and i'm not even doing that - i'm like i don't even act like a diva i mean is like i do have hair makeup coming right like to do me at the photo shoot to do me this morning, like i'm in and out of Hair makeup right now - and i have them here to touch them up so they're not getting like they're, not getting full glam and i already know you're like like i'm good.

I don't want to be touched.

So natalie tells me that her glam team is there they're going to do touch-ups on all the girls but the makeup's.

Only for her i mean i don't really care, because i do my own hair and makeup, but i do find it a little bit interesting.

So that's it.

Okay, i'm finished getting ready all right, i'm gon na be finished.

I'M about to go eat all right.

Oh god! Yeah, hey, hey, hey! I'M flashy, i'm classy, i'm bad! I finally landed in atlanta, but i don't have my bags.

They just don't want me to be great.

Janelle has finally arrived and she's a little bit upset.

She doesn't have her luggage and i get it.

A baddie should never go nowhere without all her stuff.

So before i even get into the house, i see the girls online just talking [ __ ], just at each other's throats and i'm like damn but like it hasn't even been [ __ ] a day.

I know i know girl.

I mean i'm happy you're here, though you made it yeah, it's just a hot-ass mess, so technically cold-ass mess like i don't have my luggage.

You would never come looking like this.

Clearly, not no.

I know it's just why you like the house you're so mad.

I, like that, the house is nice, it's your mouth, you got your stuff, but i'm gon na tell you, though i got my glam team here and like hair makeup, so you can use whatever i have you can use.

You can use my people to get you ready, so i didn't offer my hair and glam to all the other girls.

I know that's gon na make the other girls feel some type of way, but i had to do what i had to do just so that janelle felt comfortable being here, but i get it but girl, you know, make sure you got a cute room and it Looks good fits you perfect.

So all the girls are here christina sarah judy sydney who is sydney y'all gon na get my head about sydney.

No problem sydney was a replacement, bad girl.

I took it upon me to give her the opportunity now it could all come to crumbles everybody's asking the same question: why that's a charitable queen, terrible queen, i'm trying to help everybody out.

I don't know sydney um at all.

I've seen a few clips of her online um.

She seems very, very dramatic, theatrical fake, rehearsed, so i'ma finish, getting ready, okay and um, but you're more than welcome come upstairs.

Give me a hug, i'm happy you're here at least you're here.

You know i got ta.

You know turn into a bad [, __ ], you got you already a bad [, __ ] like this off the plane, sis in your pajamas, but come upstairs, get glammed and get cute.

Give you the fine.

Okay, all right see you soon.

My relationship with natalie is a very good one um, i feel, like we see eye to eye on a lot of things.

We've never had a disagreement or an argument.

I stay in my bag.

I don't need to know the cause, apparently, the only one who always has makeup.

That's painful is natalie.

We wake up in the mansion.

Finally and natalie's getting her makeup done.

That's [, __ ] up! That's not how the game's supposed to go.

What's good for one is good for all everybody's to have their [ __ ], so i'm in herron, glam and here comes christina grabbing my makeup artist's products and just putting them all over her face like honey, like you can't do that.

I just say hey when you're done with natalie's makeup: do you mind doing mine out of nowhere? Natalie says no? No! No! No! No! No! No he's not doing your makeup, we're not doing it today.

I know she's one of the uglier ones, so she needs to have her [ __ ] done.

I know that i wake up naturally beautiful.

I know that again and i'm not gon na get yelled at honestly.

I'M thinking that she would want me to look great as well as her team she's the ep right.

It's just like mayhem, i'm thinking it's something very important, i'll pay myself! Do you get it right, you're creating another? No, no! There's no narrative! There's no narrative! You just yes: okay, oh christina shut the [ __ ] up.

Let me go talk to a real [, __ ], who doesn't mind seven since you're a real one.

I hear them arguing and i'm like um these [ __ ] ain't about to fight.

I'M not wasting my time, walking down the hallway.

Look how easy, since we don't have our makeup and we locked it in the van.

Do you want me there's my everything i have to do it at this point.

I'M not feeling natalie's energy, i'm not catching the vibe.

I don't like that fake little funny, [ __ ] everybody's on the other side, all right! Well, let me go get my clothes on my makeup.

Artist knows i'm going to cash up him as soon as i walk out of the chair.

I don't know what happened with christina and him, but he should not have to ask you for his money.

Seven hours later, bye, [ __ ].

My problem really with her is you've done.

One show when it was season.

One was season nine christina's done, one show she's came in here like she's [ __ ] entitled, but i do know that my makeup artist, who i booked said he had to chase you all day yesterday for 250 dollars.

So if you got my my people chasing you for money, that's a problem.

A [, __ ] come on, i'm about to say something.

I don't.

I do my own hair makeup.

It's not that big.

It is a big deal.

It is a big deal, sarah and then the way that she called freedom, all kinds of names.

I pretty much figured this was going to happen when natalie said like she has a full glam for her and only touch up for the girls.

I know the other girls really want and maybe need the glam squad freedom.

I'M gon na ask you one more time right now, yes or no did you have to ask multiple times for your money yesterday i did okay number two.

Did i tell you and her before sitting in your chair that you charge a fee and that the fee that you charge i'm paying that fee out of my own pocket? So then, now what is the problem? Why is everybody getting? Why is there a big, ass commotion here? Why are you getting called out your name, so the touch-ups and everything else i don't mind, but a full-face beat from beginning to the end is 250 dollars.

You can't just be touching people's stuff like this.

Is not your makeup, you can't just start be grabbing people's things.

Thinking that it's yours, christina honestly, i'm not i'm not going to just come in your room, i'm knocking! I don't want to fight with you, but i do want to be honest because i don't want you to make it seem like i'm coming for you, sis and i don't want other girls in the house to look pretty and cute.

I want you all to look good.

We get to christina's room, she is livid, like you guys, can't just start going around christina.

Let me just be like i'm gon na knock on everybody's door before i come in here.

Do i knock on your door and you're? My you're, my friend you're, my friend yeah, i'm gon na knock.

I'M not gon na comment.

People [, __, ] girl, don't play with me.

You will get checked yesterday.

You came in my room actually and you did barge in.

You didn't even knock you.

You walked right.

I would not do that.

Yes, people have seen you for years.

That's a lie.

People have seen you, we don't even have doors in the bad girls club right.

We don't even have doors like girl.

Have you lost your [ __ ] mind? They came to blows.

Did they tell you they fought? You know what i'm about to pull up y'all tanisha's here.

Listen, i'm gon na! Tell you right now.

I am not [ __ ] god.

It's the beginning and natalie has already gotten to fight.

One of the girls like i can't, even with like all these stupid [ __ ].

Are you crazy? You


What season of Baddies is Chrisean Rock on? ›

The official cast for the second season featured Nunn alongside newcomers Elliadria "Persuasian" Griffin, Jela Lanier, Chrisean "Rock" Malone, Gia "Rollie" Mayham, Sashanna "Slim" McLaurin, Anne Moore, Scotlynd Ryan and Bri Walker. Both Oliver and Starr made recurring appearances throughout the season.

Is Baddies like Bad Girls Club? ›

The similarities between the shows is that it promotes belligerent behavior. Both shows gave certain cast members popularity such as Chrisean Rock, The Clermont Twins and Natalie Nunn. Bad Girls Club and Baddies' plots are somewhat similar with a group being divided into two cliques.

Where can I watch the Baddies? › Baddies : Amiah, Amiah, ---: Prime Video.

Where is Baddies East filmed? ›

The first season of Baddies, officially titled Baddies ATL, aired on the Zeus Network from May 16, 2021, to August 22, 2021, and is filmed in Atlanta, Georgia.

What episode of Bad Girls Club is Chrisean Rock in? ›

Elliadria is the physical altercation between Elliadria "Persuasian" Griffin and Chrisean Rock in the first episode of Baddies South (Season 2).

What episode of South Central Baddies does Chrisean Rock come out? ›

South Central Baddies : Episode 4.

How much do Bad Girls Club girls get paid? ›

How much does a B A D Girls Club make? As of Jun 26, 2023, the average hourly pay for a B A D Girls Club in the United States is $15.53 an hour.

Who went to jail from Bad Girls Club? ›

Shannade Clermont was serving a one-year sentence in federal prison after her conviction for stealing debit card information from a dead man she called her "sugar daddy."

Who is the most famous bad girl from BGC? ›

Natalie Nunn is an American reality television star best known for her breakout role in Oxygen's hit series "Bad Girls Club" which premiered to the highest number of viewers in the network's history.

What does baddie mean? ›

: a bad person or thing. especially : an opponent of the hero (as in fiction or motion pictures)

What does it mean if a girl is a baddie? ›

To my surprise, after several "google" sessions, the word resonates. According to the Urban Dictionary,( because what other dictionary matters?) a Baddie is a female who can hold her own and take care of herself. She is very pretty, and independent.

Is Zeus Network free? ›

Zeus hasn't any free trial version but people can apply Zeus access codes to get to watch Zeus free trial. If you got a promo code for Zeus free trial you can subscribe to the Zeus Amazon network to do this follow the given below steps.

Where was BGC Atlanta house located? ›

3873 Dumbarton Rd NW, Atlanta, GA 30327.

Where was BGC Atlanta filmed? ›

House. The house was on North Druid Hills which is a few miles northeast of downtown Atlanta. The house was originally built for Fred Milani and was built as a replica of the White House. The exterior of the house was remodeled and included a pink roof and a Bad Girls Club logo above the door.

Where is the Bad Girls Club House at? ›

TV Real Estate - Nevada
AddressSeen OnComments
11214 Grants Landing Ct. Las Vegas, NV 89141Holly's WorldPrivate Residence
Thunderbolt Estate 3730 Topaz St. Las Vegas, NV 89121Bad Girls Club: Las VegasPrivate Residence
2 more rows
Dec 1, 2012

Why is Chrisean Rock in jail? ›

Blueface's Girlfriend Chrisean Rock Detained & Arrested After Punching the Rapper | Billboard News. Blueface girlfriend Chrisean Rock got detained and arrested after she punched him in an Arizona bar.

Who knocked Chrisean Rock teeth out? ›

The two women got into an altercation that was provoked by Alexis. At a certain point during said altercation, Chrisean who was in socks, slipped and fell into a small statue. Upon falling she hit her face causing her tooth to fall out.

How did rock lose her tooth? ›

The two of them got into a physical fight, and Chrisean bumped her mouth on a surface, which knocked out her front tooth.

Which show was Chrisean on? ›

ChriseanRock is known for BlueFace Feat. ChriseanRock: Dear Rock (2023) and The Jason Lee Show (2023).

What show does Chrisean come out in? ›

Blueface & Chrisean: Crazy in Love (TV Series 2022– ) - IMDb.

Who was the youngest bad girl on BGC? ›

Ashleigh Mabry, a Kingstree native, is the youngest female ever selected to the cast of the Bad Girls Club.

How much did BGC 11 get fined? ›

Regulators fine New York's BGC Partners $25 million for forex options fraud | Reuters.

Who owns Bad Girls Club? ›

Bad Girls Club (abbreviated BGC) is a 2006 American reality television series created by Jonathan Murray for the Oxygen network in the United States. The show focused on the altercations and physical confrontations of seven aggressive, quarrelsome, and unruly women.

What girls sued the Bad Girls Club? ›

The Hepperle sisters are suing the production company, Bunim/Murray Productions, which is misspelled throughout the lawsuit, Atrium Entertainment, NBC Universal Media, and the Bad Girls Club cast members. They are also suing 50 unnamed defendants of whom they are "ignorant of the true names and capacities."

How did Bad Girls Club get sued? ›

In lawsuit filed last week, Amanda and Victoria Hepperle allege that, "Within less than ten minutes of filming, they were attacked and beaten by six cast members," and that the executives of the show orchestrated the attack "for television ratings and advertising dollars." The Hepperle sisters are suing the production ...

How much did the Clermont Twins win? ›

Twins Awarded $1.5M After Medical School Alleged They Cheated on Exam.

How many twins were on BGC? ›

The Clermont twins were two of the sassiest girls on the reality TV show The Bad Girls Club. They were notorious for appearing half-naked on the show and are infamous for getting booted from the show for damaging the house. They stayed for only seven episodes, but fans were already hooked on the crazy twins!

Who is Natalie from baddies married to? ›

Jacob Payne was born July 18, 1990, in Detroit, Michigan where he grew up to play college football at Central Michigan University. The 28-year-old stepped into the limelight after dating Bad Girls Club star Natalie Nunn in October 2011.

What happened to Flo from Bad Girls Club? ›

After her season of the Bad Girls Club, Flo got married and had a baby, and had her own documentary on Oxygen.

What is a male baddie called? ›

Synonyms of bad guy (noun villainous or criminal person) antagonist. antihero. baddie.

How do you know if you're a baddie? ›

What is a 'Baddie'? & how to tell if you are one!
  1. Baddies possess confidence & self-love. ...
  2. Baddies want everyone to win. ...
  3. A Baddie takes care of themselves, physically, emotionally & mentally. ...
  4. Baddies are true to themselves. ...
  5. Baddies don't take any sh** ...
  6. Baddies are independent. ...
  7. Baddies are successful.
Mar 28, 2023

What soft girl means? ›

What does soft girl mean? Soft girl is a fashion style, popular among some young women on social media, based on a deliberately cutesy, feminine look. It often features pink and yellow colors, floral and heart patterns, oversized sweaters and plaid skirts, and heavy blush makeup.

Why am I attracted to baddies? ›

Many of us find ourselves habitually repeating patterns within the relationships we seek out. If you're often searching and choosing to be romantically involved with someone who is reckless or dangerous, there's likely a part of you that finds this rush of dopamine and oxytocin pleasurable.

How to be a cute baddie? ›

Printed t-shirts, front tied tops, collared blouses, and turtlenecks are wardrobe must haves for the ultimate baddie babe. In the oversized clothing category, keep a few sweatshirts, a graphic oversized t shirt, chunky sweaters in pastel hues, and oversized flannels to be worn with slim fit ribbed jeans.

How much is Zeus a month? ›

Pricing overview

$ 59.00 per month.

Is Zeus Network safe? ›

Zeus is a robust and efficient botnet that has been programmed to access social media and email login credentials, allowing the malicious botnet to send spam messages from legitimate sources, increasing the chances of infecting victims.

How to get Zeus without paying? ›

Zeus Network has a dedicated section for its free content. The site often shares a free episode of its popular series, and the first episode is usually free for the viewers. The good thing is that you don't need to subscribe or create an account to watch Zeus for free.

What is the real name of BGC? ›

Bonifacio Global City (also known as BGC, Global City, or The Fort) is a financial business district in Taguig, Metro Manila, Philippines.

How many girls are in the BGC House? ›

About the show. The show follows seven women. They are between the ages of 21 and 27. They live in a big house for three months.

What cities was Bad Girls Club in? ›

Filming locations
  • Los Angeles, California, USA. Helpful•4. ...
  • New Orleans, Louisiana, USA. Helpful•2. ...
  • Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. Helpful•1. ...
  • Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur, Mexico. Helpful•1. ...
  • Atlanta, Georgia, USA. Helpful•1.

When did Bad Girls Club Atlanta come out? ›

Bad Girls Club: Atlanta (2013)

Where is BGC 16? ›

Episodes. The girls arrive in Los Angeles and are ready to take the city by storm; first impressions can be deceiving when two bad girls are targeted for immediate eviction.

Was there a BGC New York? ›

Bard Graduate Center. Bard Graduate Center is a graduate research institute in New York City.

Where is the BGC house in Miami? ›

TV Real Estate - Florida
AddressSeen On
6360 N Bay Rd Miami Beach, FL 33141Bad Girls Club: Miami
Metropole South Beach 635 Collins Ave Miami Beach, FL 33139Jersey Shore
Mosaic Miami Beach 3801 Collins Ave Miami Beach, FL 33140Brooke Knows Best
Fountainebleau II 4441 Collins Ave Miami Beach, FL 33140Top Chef: Miami
9 more rows
Dec 22, 2017

When was bgc8 filmed? ›

Production of the season began in late 2011, and was located in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Who goes home on BGC 17? ›

Susan is sent home after threatening Francesca, leading to an emotional goodbye with her, Seven, Keyaira and Deshayla. Note: Susan is removed from the house. Seven focuses more on her career as a DJ.

What season was Chrisean on Blue Girls Club? ›

2020Ultimate TagContestant
2020Blue Girls Club(season 1)
2022–2023BaddiesCast member of Baddies South & Baddies West (seasons 2-3)
1 more row

What series is Chrisean Rock in? ›

ChriseanRock is known for BlueFace Feat. ChriseanRock: Dear Rock (2023) and The Jason Lee Show (2023).

Was Chrisean Rock on Baddies South? ›

Zeus' 'Baddies South' Star Chrisean Rock Battles Her Troubled Past.

Is Chrisean on Baddies South Central? ›

South Central Baddies : Introducing Chrisean Rock to The House.

Is Chrisean Rock in season 3? ›

Casting. A day after the final part of the auditions special aired, the official cast was announced; featuring Nunn, Chrisean "Rock" Malone, Mayham and Ryan as the only series regulars to reprise their roles from the previous season.

Where can I watch Bad Girls Club Chrisean Rock? ›

Watch Bad Girls Club Streaming Online. Hulu (Free Trial)

What show did Blueface and Chrisean meet on? ›

Rock and Blueface's relationship dates back to 2020 when the rapper launched his OnlyFans reality show, Blue Girls Club. At the time, a group of women was invited to Blueface's mansion for a month to compete for his love. Rock became an instant standout amongst viewers for her affection toward the rapper.

Where can I watch the Chrisean show? ›

Watch The Chris Rock Show Streaming Online | Hulu (Free Trial)

How many episodes of Blueface and Chrisean show are there? ›

7 Episodes

In this documentary series, we will witness the complex ups, downs and successes of their truly unorthodox and turbulent relationship.

What show made Chrisean Rock famous? ›

Chrisean Rock and her boyfriend Blueface landed their own reality TV show Crazy In Love on the Zeus Network.

What episode did Chrisean fight persuasion? ›

chrisean persuasion fight episode 1 baddies of the south|TikTok Search.

How did Chrisean Rock lose her tooth? ›

The two women got into an altercation that was provoked by Alexis. At a certain point during said altercation, Chrisean who was in socks, slipped and fell into a small statue. Upon falling she hit her face causing her tooth to fall out. After the incident occurred the rapper gave her the money to fix the tooth.

Who did Chrisean fight on Baddies West? ›

Baddies West Season 3 Fights: Chrisean Rock vs Lo London & Stunna Girl vs. Everybody WorldWide Entertainment TV.

Does Blueface even like Chrisean Rock? ›

In fact, sometimes they don't even like each other at first. Moreover, during a RapTV interview, Blueface revealed that he hated his girlfriend Chrisean Rock when he first signed her.

Are Chrisean and Blueface over? ›

The couple who has been dating since 2020 appears to have a volatile relationship after Chrisean in an Instagram live accused Blueface of cheating. In October 2022, she tweeted and ended their relationship after the latter shared a video with another woman.

How old is Chrisean on Baddies South? ›

ChriseanRock was born on the 14th of March, 2000. ChriseanRock is now 22 years old. ChriseanRock is well-known for his work as a musician, Instagrammer, and social media personality.

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