26 Reasons Why I Love You & I Love You Because Quotes - The Right Messages (2023)

Love comprises of a variety of different emotions and mental state, it is the deepest affection you have for someone that is dear to your heart, some people see love as an intense feelings or deep affection, a great interest and pleasure in something, a person or a particular behavior or act.

Love is also seen as a complex set of emotions, behavior associated with feelings of affection, love comes with being protective, caring, wanting to hang around that special someone and just wanting them over and over again.

On our article today, we have compiled a messages that you can send to that special someone that you feel something intense for, that person that your deepest affection goes to, that special one you have interest in and that one you love so much with all of your heart.

We have carefully choose the right word that we think would help you tell that person why you really love them and the reasons you love them. If you think you’re in love already and you just need the right word to say to that person to tell them why you’ve choose them above every other persons and reason why you choose to love and care for them, then you’re at the right place.

Below are our messages that comprises of ‘Reasons Why I Love You & I Love You Because’;

  1. If I tell you I don’t have a reason for loving you then I’ll be lying to myself and obviously lying to you, my love. I love you because you complete every part of me, loving you is the only medicine that heal my soul and your love lighten up my day.

  2. I love you because loving you automatically means loving myself too, you’re my soulmate and you bring out the best part of me, I can’t just stop loving you because I don’t want to hate myself. Love you forever my soulmate.

  3. My love, I love you because you loved me even when I was not capable of loving myself and you still do till now, I can only be grateful for having someone that truly love me even when I don’t worth it.

  4. Sweetheart, I love you because you made me a better version of myself, you see through me and believed in me even when anyone did not, you were by my side when I feel the whole world is against me and for all this reasons and more I just love you so much.

  5. My love, loving involves forgiveness and I love your spirit of forgiveness, you forgive me even when I don’t worth it and you give me reason to become a better person, I’m forever grateful for this chance and opportunity you gave me to amend my mistakes.

  6. I call you my heart desire because you brought joy to my heart and anytime I remember I have you I feel my heart beats fast, this is a good sign because as long as I have you my heart won’t stop beating, my love this is enough reason for me to love you.
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I Love You Because

  1. No one understands me better then you do, even when I don’t talk, you read through my heart and just know what I need, the right words to say at the right time and how to make me happy on my sad days, thank you for always being there.

  2. Honey, I love you because even with your imperfections,you’re still trying your best to be a better person for me and to keep this relationship working, I cherish the way you made me your priority and I’m just lucky to have someone that truly care like you.

  3. My dear, I love you because I can always look up to you on a cloudy day and you’ll make my day sunny, I love you because you make me smile even in my saddest day, I love you because you’re the shoulder I lean onto even when I’m weak and the best part of it is that I love you because you’re my best friend.

  4. Darling, I love you because you gave me the chance to believe in love once again, you gave me hope that I can still trust someone even after my sad experiences, you showed I can still be cared and cherished by someone and you show me I can still call someone mine.

  5. Baby, you always listen to me even when I don’t make sense, you’re trying your best to be the perfect one for me and I’ve always loved you even with all your imperfections.

  6. Dear, I love you because you’re ready to take a leap of faith with me, you believe so much in me even when I didn’t believe in myself, you’re building a future for our unborn kids and I can only love you for this baby.

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Reasons Why I Love You (Him or Her)

  1. Darling, you gave me strength and I’m not afraid of falling because I know you’re always there to catch me, you are always ready and you’re just a life saver, Love you so much.

  2. You’re my hero and heroes are always loved and cherished, to my superhero, thank you for always being there and I love you so much.

  3. To my soldier in shining armor, loving you was the best decision I’ve ever made and this is the only time I’m getting things right on track, I’m happy because I love you and you bring me nothing than joy.

  4. Darling, no one else have ever supported my dreams like you, you believe so much in them and you’re trying your best to help me achieve them, with you by my side always success is certain.

  5. You made me feel so special in a way no one had ever made me felt, you cherish everything about me and love me like your life depends on it, the truth is my life actually depends on your love and this is a good reason why I love you.

  6. My love, I love you because you have seen me in my rainy days and still draw me closer, you have never for once took advantage of me being vulnerable and even in my worst days you were always there and I can always count on you honey.

  7. I love you because of the memories we’ve had, the beautiful experience we’ve enjoyed, the love we’ve shared, the laughter and the pain, I love you for every joy and success we’ve shared together and I love you for always being there to share every moments with me.
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Still Reasons Why I Love You & I Love You Because

  1. I love you because you care about me, you made my problems your problems, you made my family your family, you made my friends your friends and you made everything about me yours, you’re indeed a blessing to me.

  2. Dear, whenever I’m by you side, it feels like paradise away from my troubles and stress, beside you is the safest place in the world. I want to continue being there my love.

  3. I appreciate your kind gestures and cherish your confidence, I like the way you handle issues with a lot of intelligence and I love it when you come out straight anytime we tends to have issues, I’m really grateful for having such a confident and courageous person as mine and I really do admire those attitudes.

  4. My love, I love you because you love me even with my flaws, you don’t force me to change anything about myself although I’m working to be that perfect person you want and I’m happy you’re in with me during this periods.

  5. I love you every time you make an attempt or effort to make me happy even in my worst days, it’s a good feelings anytime you try to put a smile on my face and I’m always happy to have been loved by you.

  6. I love you because your words makes me feel feel confident and comfortable about myself and I’m proud of the person I’ve become today.

  7. Darling, I love you because no matter your busy schedules, you still make out time for our relationship and for me, your selfless attitude is what I really respect and cherish about you my love.
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